Secrets About Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education

Jamie McIntyre, the CEO of 21st Century Education has spent the past 14 years becoming wealthy. Having grown up in the small country town of Glen Innes, surrounded with the country life, Jamie McIntyre was determined to make it big.

After finding out that the present education system wasn’t serving him to meet his goals of becoming a self-made millionaire, Jamie McIntyre decided to look for an alternative answer. He started a telecommunications business that failed and landed himself in around $150,000 worth of debt and sleeping on a friends couch. He decided then that there must be a better way to become wealthy. He searched the world for the best of the best, discovering what it really takes to become wealthy and decided to put everything in action.

In just a few short years Jamie McIntyre became a self made millionaire and started his quest to help others do the same. With the skills that he learnt, Jamie McIntyre started 21st Century Education, which is now one of Australia’s biggest education companies leading in financial education.

Jamie McIntyre has now educated over 250,000 people worldwide from various different nations including New Zealand, U.K., America, Canada and many more.

With the cutting edge strategies that Jamie McIntyre teaches, many students of 21st Century Education have become financially independent, and some even becoming millionaires (many within a few short years).

With the rapid expansion of 21st Century Education, Jamie McIntyre has extended his reach to help charities raise money through his 21st Century Scholarships program helping those that are less fortunate to get a “real life” modern day education for life.

Jamie McIntyre is well renown for his humble nature and passion to help others regularly taking the time to meet with members and throwing cocktail parties to meet and help members of 21st Century Education, as well as hosting regular events around the world including the Caribbean cruise, where speakers like Nik Halik and Chris Howard were invited to speak to members about becoming successful in all areas of their life, reaching fulfilment.

If you wish to find out more about 21st Century Education, visit Jamie McIntyre’s website:

For more of a personal view of what Jamie McIntyre is like, visit his Facebook page, or Jamie McIntyre’s Blog

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