Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Academy: Learning Your Way to Success

The learning process is always continuous. What you take in and learn now is never finite, and as you continuously go on with life – whether in the personal or work aspect – you continue to learn and incorporate what you have learned for your betterment.

Such is the reason as to why Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Academy offers 5 year or 10 year memberships and educational programs: because learning is continuous – and you will need to learn more as you progress from one stage to another.

These innovative long-term memberships have been carefully designed to expand the horizons of the 21st Century Academy clients.  It’s only natural that over time a trusting, supportive and personal mentorship relationship develops between coaches and other members – a sensational learning environment.

Here are the seminars that are included in a typical Five Year Membership:

Education For Life Program (4 Days)
These seminars are held in around Australia, New Zealand and in Fiji. This is the core program of the organisation, and is an event that whose content is continually attempted to be copied by other organisations. After attending this program, participants qualify to attend all the other seminars or programs anytime within their membership period.

Members can attend the programs as many times as they choose within their membership period. Here is the current offering – but the programs do change to recognise new opportunities as they emerge:

Internet & Business Mastery Seminar (3 Days)
This seminar is designed to help master the art of online business.

Property and Finance Workshop (2 Days)
This workshop teaches how to build a portfolio of properties.

RPA Time Management Seminar
This teaches the importance of systematic time management and how to juggle work, investments and leisure as well.

Time Rich Seminar
This seminar teaches and gives tips in creating a millionaire lifestyle even if you aren’t a millionaire.

Public Speaking Seminar
This seminar helps develop poise and confidence as well as tips on properly articulating what you think and what you know. Charisma and enthusiasm is all important in any business, and learning how to speak in public will certainly help you in your efforts.

Sales and Marketing Seminar
This seminar is perfect for those who want better lead generating techniques and sales increase. This is perfect of entrepreneurs and sales employees alike.

Share Renting (1 Day)
This seminar reinforces the share strategy taught by 21st Century Academy’s founder Jamie McIntyre. This one day workshop is not only available for you – but your spouse as well.

With these titles alone, it’s easy to see why the 21st Century Academy program is much-copied. However, with Jamie McIntyre at the helm, there are few that can emulate the content and success history on evidence at this organisation every day.

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